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I need someone to help me evolve my Feebas!

I still wish Rapidash had a mega-evolution with like wings & shit

maybe a pretty rainbow-fire mane.

looking for friend safari codes

in particular Fire type but I’ll add anyone, my friend code is 5198-3827-9961

My safari type is Normal. inbox me your friend code.

Laverre City

Laverre City

Anonymous asked: i agree with last anon, plus, you get shinys as gifts cause you are a girl on the internet. only shiny i ever got was red gyrados


I’ve caught four shinies on my own, and two more were given to me as gifts because my friends rock. I gave two to other friends because they were awesome deserving people. If you want shinies, stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out there and hunt for them. GOOD DAY SIR.

I am a girl on the internet where is my free shiny?

video games are hard

I finally found a Happiny on the GTS! Now I gotta just find an Oval stone so I can level it up in the daytime! *sigh* and then I have to either trade or find a friend safari with a male Mankey, level it up till it learns Seismic Toss, breed it onto a male Mawile, then level up a male Roselia till it learns Aromatherapy, breed that with a Chansey, then breed that Chansey with the Mawile, then keep breeding till I get a Calm nature with Natural Cure.

but I gotta have Blissey on my team it’s the freakin’ nurse Pokémon ya feel me??

Anybody have any extra Vivillon to trade?

I already have Modern, Elegant, and High Plains. My region is Modern if you want one.

Also if you just want to just exchange friend codes message me/answer this, my FC is 5198-3827-9961. My safari type is Normal, I have been told I have Kecleon, Lillipup and Smeargle. 

Pokemon XY friend code

don’t make fun of me I just want a Togepi.

reblog or send ask with your friend code & I”ll add you, any type.

edit: I have Normal type. Kecleon, Lillipup, Smeargle

update: holy crap I am getting lots of messages! adding everyone as fast as I can. hooray I have a Togepi!

update: I am getting lots of requests and will be heading to bed soon so I am taking my friend code down. Anyone who has messaged/reblogged me already is still going to be added! Thanks :)

also if you just want to trade a certain pokemon or something just message me and I’ll do it if I have it.

Vivillons for trade?

My native region is Modern. I need all different types except Elegant.

can also breed for trade:
USA Ditto
….or ask…… I don’t have much right now.

is Gym Leader Olympia supposed to be a drag queen?

Slowking is such a pimp

seriously tho this gym leader is high as a kite

anyone else feel like the rivals haven’t really had a personality since G/S/C?